Science and Innovation Policy Critic for the Green Party of Canada

Policy Priorities

Climate Preparedness:

Beyond working on mitigating climate change, we must make sure communities are prepared for extreme weather and other effects of a changing climate.

Emerging Technology:

Artificial Intelligence and other technologies are poised to change our way of life. We have to prepare for job automation, and stop the development of autonomous weapons.


Life in our cities continues to be unaffordable. We will work to provide more co-op housing, address stagnated wages, and lower cell data costs.

As jobs and work shift, the benefits of automation must be given to the people. We can shorten the workweek, and we will be able to provide basic necessities to everyone. Implementing a Guaranteed Livable Income (GLI) can ensure no one is left by the wayside, but we must be careful that any system of basic income doesn’t erode our democracy or simply create a different, new inequality. Work as we know it will change, and we must ask ourselves what we want the world to look like – and given every option, what we want to choose to do with our precious time on Earth.

"We should always be grateful for what we have, but strive to be better. Always looking to what we can achieve rather than being satisfied that we are better than something worse."

Why will we succeed and create the change we need?
…Because we have no other choice.

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