Déclaration pour la Journée internationale de la visibilité trans

Aujourd’hui est la Journée internationale de la visibilité trans!

Aujourd’hui et tous les jours, nous sommes fiers.

Aujourd’hui et tous les jours, nous créons de l’espace.

Aujourd’hui et tous les jours, nous ouvrons la voie à un avenir inclusif.

Déclaration de Misha Hamu (artiste, défenseur des jeunes):

“We suffer from a shameful lack of diversity in the higher reaches of power. This absence of representation creates the illusion of a limit on what trans and GNC people can achieve. Fortunately, trailblazers push those limits and open paths for more people to engage with and change political discourse. It is incredibly inspiring to see myself reflected in a politician I trust and admire.

Amita Kuttner is that politician. While their big-picture ideas on climate and social responsibility would be compelling from anyone, I am especially excited to hear those ideas championed by someone with whom I share pronouns and gender experiences. Their passion, intelligence, and commitment have convinced me they are the best champion for my future and the future of Canada.

I am proud to endorse Amita for Green Party Leader, and I look forward to seeing them and their ideas get the visibility – and power – they deserve.

Happy #TDOV, everyone.”

— Misha Hamu

Déclaration de Nicola Spurling (avocate du LGBTQ2+):

“As a trans person, particularly as a trans child, it’s incredibly important to see yourself represented in all aspects of life, from fictional characters to real-life people in every role imaginable.  Nowhere is representation more important than in politics though. Not only do transgender politicians inspire trans people who are interested in politics, but they also have the ability to create systemic and legislated change that supports marginalized people and can do so with a much deeper understanding of what these changes mean to the people affected by discrimination and hate.  Gender Identity and gender expression have recently been protected through the Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code, but there is still work to be done. Trans people still face difficulties with access to and cost of care, conversion therapy is still being used to try to turn trans people cis, and laws are still being crafted with little to no input from trans people. It’s time for more transgender politicians in Canada.”

— Nicola Spurling

Déclaration de Shay Sanders (membre du parti vert):

“As a politically engaged Non Binary individual, I think it’s very important to see Transgender and Non Binary people in Politics. The best people to understand our experiences are the ones who live them. We, as a Country, need to encourage more diversity of thought and experience in our politicians. I’m very proud to see that more Transgender and Non Binary people are running for positions in our political system. It gives me hope that one day, we can have a system that truly sees us and understands our needs.”

— Shay Sanders