CONTENT WARNING: VIOLENCE, ABUSE, DEATH, RACISM Whilst our normal lives are kept in a near-eternal standstill and the punditry rages [...]
During the Green Party of Canada leadership race the topic of how Canada interacts with China has come up a [...]
Dr. Amita Kuttner discusses their candidacy for Leader of the Green Party of Canada, what a Green Party under their [...]
Watch Dr. Amita Kuttner and the other Green Party of Canada leadership candidates debate their plans to get more Greens [...]
Amita Kuttner joined David Thurton to talk about decolonization, justice, science and resilient communities. [...]
Amita joined Victoria Galea for a second conversation on the GPC leadership contest. Watch the conversation below, or click here [...]
The GPC leadership vote is fast upon us. Party members have had several months to meet (mostly virtually) the candidates [...]
Amita Kuttner joined the North Island-Powell River Greens as part of The BC Tour series with the leadership contestants. It [...]
I have been told that I should not discuss my gender identity or sexual orientation if I ever want to [...]
The climate crisis and destruction of ecosystems are the result of many years of harmful industrial activities permitted by law. Many of the risks have been known for decades by the companies choosing to continue these practices and the governments who subsidize those destructive activities.
Ecocide is defined as the intentional destruction of the environment and ecosystems. We have seen ecocide in all parts of [...]
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Suicide is something that has touched a lot of peoples lives, whether they’ve known somebody that has committed suicide, or [...]
Read the full interview: An interview with Dr. Amita Kuttner by Scott Costen, Redaction Politics. [...]
Dr. Amita Kuttner joined Mark Towhey for an interview on Toronto's Newstalk 1010. Click here to listen! [...]
Press picture of Amita Kuttner #4
Click here to read TheGunBlog's short Q&A with Kuttner’s campaign manager. [...]
Kurtis Baute sat down with Dr. Amita Kuttner and talked about what strong climate leadership looks like, and about what [...]
An interview with Progressive Youth of Canada and Dr. Amita Kuttner, discussing a their vision of a new direction for [...]
April Burrows hosts a weekly podcast, Connected on Purpose that focuses on the lives, motivations, and inspirations of today’s leaders. [...]
Over the last three months we have been sharing our policy and including everyone in the conversation with an event [...]
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 25, 2020 VANCOUVER, BC – Green Party of Canada leadership contestant Dr. Amita Kuttner revealed their [...]
Today is the International Day of the World’s Indigenous People. As we are faced with unprecedented crises, such as the [...]
Amita joined the Blue Politics community for an AMA. Click here to listen! [...]
Amita Kuttner sat down with Crystal Wilson and Steven Hobé for an interview on Episode 16 of Fasten Your Seatbelts. [...]
Today we are announcing our campaign’s decision to cease posting Facebook ads, starting immediately. Along with many businesses and organizations [...]
Pride 2020 has looked very different than past years with COVID-19 limiting our capacity to gather and host large in-person [...]
Amita Kuttner joined Christopher Brown on Episode 37 of the Cross Border Interview Podcast. Click here to listen! [...]
Today would have been Toronto Pride Parade 2020, and like many others, I had planned to be there in person [...]
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Lasqueti Island, BC - The campaign to elect Amita Kuttner released the following statement declining the offer [...]
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Lasqueti Island, BC -  Dr. Amita Kuttner, a young astrophysicist running to lead the Green Party of [...]
Amita Kuttner sat down with Ian Bushfield and Scott de Lange Boom for an interview on Episode 190 of Politicoast. [...] [...]
LASQUETI ISLAND, BC – Amita Kuttner released the following statement on sexism, ageism and racism: “Having run in the last [...] [...]
Lasqueti Island, BC — Dr. Amita Kuttner is pleased to announce their status as a contestant for  the Green Party [...]
Over a century ago, four Canadian divisions began one of the most remarkable offenses in our military history, the Battle [...]
Today, on World Health Day, we thank all the health workers who have been fighting on the front lines of [...]
Today is International Trans Day Of Visibility! Today and everyday we are proud. Today and everyday we create space. Today [...]
La version française suit Last week, I announced the suspension of in-person events, and a move to virtual town halls, [...]
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For immediate release March 9, 2020 Dr. Amita Kuttner announces candidacy for Green Party of Canada leader VANCOUVER, BC - [...]

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