Amita Kuttner rejects the Green Party’s inadequate attempts at equity


Lasqueti Island, BC - The campaign to elect Amita Kuttner released the following statement declining the offer of fundraising events with former leader Elizabeth May, citing the flawed rules of the Green Party of Canada’s Leadership Contest Committee (LCC), specifically the definition of a candidate that falls under an “underrepresented group in the House of Commons.”

"There are ways to address equity while understanding the intersections of oppression, but the party’s methods were poorly defined, resulting in divisions and a deepening of other inequities," said Kuttner. "It would be unfair to accept their form of support. We’re going to win this race, and we’ll do so on our own terms."

The rules were developed as a framework for how campaigns from “underrepresented groups” could collaborate with Ms. May on fundraising events. These rules did not adequately address equity concerns, consider the socioeconomic status of candidates, or consider the uneven playing field created by COVID-19, which perpetuated pre-existing inequities. These poorly defined rules were inadequately implemented by the Leadership Contest Authority (LCA), causing difficulties for campaigns.

“Rather than addressing systemic gaps and disadvantages for marginalized people, we feel the party has created confusion between leadership campaigns, with marginalized and minoritized people, and the membership. What we have seen so far is simply not enough."

Kuttner’s campaign acknowledged Ms. May’s open communication and collaborative approach in trying to address inequities, while recognising that so far, only one campaign has been the beneficiary of her support. This framework was only one of numerous experiences with the LCA and LCC that outlined their inequitable approach.

“At the foundation of our campaign is a commitment to taking meaningful action on injustice. We hear clearly from Green Party members and Canadians that they are looking for principled, ethical, people-powered leadership. We will always stand by these principles; they are at the core of our vision. We are open to reconsidering participation within an equitable framework ” said Kuttner, backed by their team.