Campaign Update #2

This month was really exciting. It started out with me going to Montréal and Ottawa, and I learned to campaign a lot from Daniel Green, which was really fun — mostly because I got to speak French for the whole week, and that was really unusual, but really good for me. Then I went and visited Elizabeth in Ottawa, and that was so cool. I felt really at home in the house, and that was good! Interesting! I hope to go back soon.

But most importantly: what have we done with our campaign? What are the steps we’re working on? Right now, we’ve finished getting our 100 signatures for Elections Canada, which means that we actually got more than 100 because they have to throw some out (because they’re not in the current register of electors, or they can’t read them, or some silly stuff). And I also now have an Official Agent and a Campaign Manager, and it’s all good!

So, now it’s on to the next step — and for us, that’s building community and connecting with people. So we’re putting on sustainability workshops, because really, what are we doing this for if we don’t actually do things day-to-day to actually change our lives and work on climate issues? And also we’re starting to door knock. It’s April, and we’re going door-to-door. It’s been wonderful so far, it really is the best part. It’s fulfilling to have conversations with people. A lot of politics can be rough, but when you actually get to speak one-on-one with people, it kinda makes it all worth it.

Going forward, it’s more of the same. We’re trying to get out there, go to as many events as possible, have socials, have more workshops, make sure everyone’s spirits stay high, and start looking at strategy going forward; see what areas we’re going to be able to gain support, and what people are going to be the most receptive to. And get as much focus and media as possible. That includes hopefully going out and supporting groups that matter; we’ve been to the climate marches with the youth, and supporting the water protectors around here who are fighting the pipelines.

That’s about it so far. Also working on policy, so hopefully we get platform out soon!