Dana Taylor endorses Amita Kuttner

The GPC leadership vote is fast upon us. Party members have had several months to meet (mostly virtually) the candidates and to consider the platforms of each.

My past Green Party federal and provincial candidacy, and more recently as a candidate for the GPC Federal Council, has provided me with a somewhat unique perspective about what kind of leadership and type of leader is required for both the party and Canada in the present and into the future. Green Party politics have been a push/pull between moderation and upheaval, incrementalism and bold, ambitious large-scale actions.

I’ve made my choice for Number One on the ballot: Dr. Amita Kuttner. Amita’s profile may not be that of a typical Canadian political leader, and that’s not a bad thing.

The Green Party of Canada has made many gains under the leadership of Elizabeth May, but the last election movement forward stalled. Many explanations have been offered as to why that was so. The one most obvious to me is: GPC was not living its promise to Canadians, that is being the party that does politics differently. GPC requires a renewal.

From a field of eight candidates there are a few that share the commitment to this lofty goal. I believe that Amita Kuttner stands out and understands best the need to make this a priority.

Their demographic puts them in a place where, as leader, decisions made will have the longest lasting effects that they themself will experience. Understanding that responsibility will cause wisdom to grow.

Recently, British writer and activist George Monbiot was interviewed on CBC Radio’s Ideas program making a case for the ‘politics of belonging’. This is where the Green Party needs to go and I believe that Amita Kuttner is best positioned to get us there.

In reviewing the candidates’ platforms, I discovered a good deal of similarity on the broad issues most of which are embedded in the Green Party policies. All candidates recognize that policy development and approval is the domain of the membership. Beyond that a few have articulated bold new initiatives, and there Amita clearly finds space for their ideas regarding the party’s future direction.

What stands out? Well you could read the 118 Page Platform, or simply skip to the earlier edition campaign summary, the commitments of which “... are viewed through the lens of our campaign’s three pillars: justice, credibility, and readiness.” These are the standards that will get our party to the politics of belonging.

-- Dana Taylor, former Green Party candidate for West Vancouver — Sunshine Coast — Sea to Sky Country