Dr. Amita Kuttner is a contestant for Green Party of Canada leadership

Lasqueti Island, BC — Dr. Amita Kuttner is pleased to announce their status as a contestant for  the Green Party of Canada leadership. Kuttner holds a PhD in astronomy and astrophysics, and brought forward policy on artificial intelligence, emerging technologies and data privacy in their time as the Green Party’s Science and Innovation critic. Kuttner recently co-founded Moonlight Institute, a non-profit organization creating a framework for an equitable and just future through policy development and community projects.

“My vision is a society that is equitable and accessible to everyone, founded in decolonization; a party whose policy is grounded in the best available research and science so that we are credible on policy objectives across the board, not just on the environment; and a country that is prepared to face any crises that may occur and ready to take advantage of future opportunities,” Kuttner said.

Kuttner believes the Green Party has the opportunity to become the Official Opposition with the right leadership. Kuttner is running because they believe they’re the leader the Green Party needs to grow the party into one focused on justice, a party that is credible on a broad range of issues, a party that is prepared for the future, and a party that is the home for the youth movement in Canada.

“I want to bring people together with different points of view to focus on what unites us all: our care for one another. Using the astronomical perspective, we can see how interconnected we truly are and how dependent we are on each other as well as our ecosystems,” Kuttner said.

Kuttner joins Annamie Paul and David Merner in the race to replace Elizabeth May as Green Party leader. The new leader will be chosen by members at the convention currently scheduled for October in Charlottetown, PEI.