Dr. Amita Kuttner’s statement on Canada’s colonial legacy of disease


October 1, 2020

LASQUETI ISLAND, BC – Green Party of Canada leadership candidate Dr. Amita Kuttner released a statement today on Canada’s long and recent history of using disease as a weapon of colonization.

“As we recognize the violence and genocide of residential schools it is important to keep the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s disproportionate impact on Indigenous people and the history of disease being used as a weapon of colonization” said Kuttner.

“As what is now known as “Canada” marched into the 20th century, the continued occupation of Turtle Island and the institutional oppression of Indigenous peoples was reflected in the Canadian Residential School system, bans on sovereign Indigenous Nations’ cultural practices, and the emergence of segregated medical facilities known as ‘Indian hospitals’.”

“While it appears to many settler Canadians that this tragic past is behind us, a past that is not well taught to our children, Indigenous Nations continue to face disproportionate and unique public health crises. This widening gap will become more apparent as COVID-19 continues to put further pressure on these Nations and communities.”

Kuttner’s full length statement is available on their website.


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