Dr. Amita Kuttner’s statement on racism and Hong Kong


September 24, 2020

LASQUETI ISLAND, BC – Green Party of Canada leadership candidate Dr. Amita Kuttner released a statement today on their view of Canada-China relations and the racism they have faced in the leadership race.

“Some have criticized my support for Hong Kong, painting me as anti-Asian, suggesting that I could use it to further my political career, or that I flat out accept what China does. As someone who considers Hong Kong their homeland, I find this extremely offensive.” said Kuttner.

“It has also been suggested that Canada’s legacy of colonialism negates our ability to shame colonial, tyrannical governments. This is just wrong. Our bloodied history does not bar us from fighting against a bloody future, but rather, it should motivate us to right past injustices and ensure that they do not happen ever again.”

Kuttner’s full length statement is available on their website.


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