Amita Kuttner commits to abolishing current policing structures


Lasqueti Island, BC -  Dr. Amita Kuttner, a young astrophysicist running to lead the Green Party of Canada, released the first piece of their platform and in doing so committed to abolishing the policing structures perpetuating systemic violence and inequality.

“All of our policy positions have been developed through the lens of; justice, credibility, and readiness. Our core goal is undoing systemic inequality while taking decisive climate action and reimagining our future. We need transformative change, and we believe that the only way to build a more sustainable future is through systemic change, “ said Kuttner.

While speaking of recent events drawing wider attention drawn to systemic issues in Canada, Kuttner called for the diverting funds from the RCMP to community support programs and ending the use of punitive incarceration as components of a fully restorative justice system.

“If we are committed to justice, we must be willing to transform our systems to remove systemic oppression. After witnessing police violence in recent weeks, as well as the anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism that has deep roots in Canada, it is clear we are long overdue to be decisive and redefine our justice and policing systems.” added Kuttner.

Dave Demers, Vancouver Park Board Commissioner, welcomed the platform, “It is a great pleasure to offer my support to Amita and their campaign platform. Amita offers us a sincere and critical look, a courageous and optimistic approach, and avenues for solid solutions: exactly what I expect from my government.”

A full platform will be unveiled later in the campaign.


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