Statement on Sexism, Ageism and Racism

LASQUETI ISLAND, BC – Amita Kuttner released the following statement on sexism, ageism and racism:

“Having run in the last election as a young, non-binary person of colour, I know firsthand how prevalent sexism, ageism and racism are in our political system, including within the Green Party.

We have witnessed just in the past few weeks racially motivated attacks on the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada, and horrific violence in Nova Scotia preceded by domestic assault. In the last election we ran the least diverse slate of the major parties, and we have to do better as a party that represents the growing movement of people seeking change in Canada. These are not things in our past, but impact our present and the lives of marginalized and minoritized people every single day. This is a serious conversation that our nation needs to have.

One of the core pillars of my campaign is a commitment to justice. We must acknowledge our entire structure of government is colonial including all parties that exist within it. We must acknowledge and undo systemic inequity, and we must govern with compassion as we work toward a society that takes care of all its people because we are all here together. My campaign is committed to decolonization, acknowledging and undoing systemic violence and remedying intergenerational trauma, changing the structures that exist as we work toward sovereignty for all nations.

As leader of the Green Party of Canada, I look forward to running with a diverse group of candidates and building a movement that is welcoming, safe and inclusive. As a Party we must embody all our core principles; understanding the current state of inequity in our nation is key to our values of Social Justice, Non-Violence, and Respect for Diversity.

In the spirit of Participatory Democracy, I want to welcome Glen Murray to the Green Party leadership race and look forward to having these important conversations with him on the campaign trail.”

This is a response to comment from Glen Murray, “I don’t think age or race or skin colour should matter, frankly. I think we’re past sexism, ageism and racism,” made in: