Statement on Toronto Pride

Today would have been Toronto Pride Parade 2020, and like many others, I had planned to be there in person to celebrate with you all. While the COVID-19 pandemic has changed these plans, the importance of our community’s history and celebrating who we are has not.

Pride began as a protest against police brutality and systemic oppression that we still see today. This oppression is not limited to the queer community but is prevalent in all marginalized and racialized communities. We must recognize the intersectionality in systemic oppression.

Society has told me that who I am is not valid, and political society has never reflected or represented voices like mine, and so many others. None of this is acceptable in the world that we together seek to create.

As we gather online, and share stories through social media, let us remember the roots of Pride, let us amplify the voices still being silenced, and let us take up space.

This is a fight and it always has been.