We refuse to use plastic in our campaign

For Immediate Release
September 26, 2019

BURNABY – Amita Kuttner, Green Party candidate for the riding of Burnaby North-Seymour, is using campaign signs made from recycled cardboard this election. The signs use a specialized soy based ink for printing which holds up well in all weather conditions. The campaign for Vancouver East Green Party candidate Bridget Burns researched this style of sign and were the first campaign to use them, but they shared their information with Amita’s campaign when they began asking about alternatives to plastic.

“I’m so tired of seeing all the plastic that gets used for signage during the election period, even if it’s recyclable. I wanted to try something different for my campaign this election, and when we saw what Bridget Burns was doing for her campaign signs, we knew right away that they were on to something, and we wanted to get on board.” says Kuttner.

Although the signs are made from recycled cardboard, they are fairly durable, even under the rainy conditions typical of greater Vancouver in the Fall. The signs are simply stapled to metal stands, and can be easily removed after they are no longer being used in order to be recycled and reused.

One member of Amita’s volunteer team has taken to delivering these signs by bicycle. He rigged up a way to secure the signs on either side of his bike’s back wheel. His set up can carry just over a dozen signs at once, so it makes for a very effective delivery system for one dedicated volunteer.

“My team really went the extra mile in looking for sign options. And they’re still going that extra mile now (literally!) to deliver the signs to our supporters. My campaign wouldn’t have the momentum that it does without the incredible time and effort that my team has been, and keeps putting in during this election. Even so, we can always use more help, so let us know if you want to join us!”