Our world is rapidly changing, and we need to be prepared for a future that looks very different from what we have now. I believe that we are at a crossroads, and we still have a chance to choose a world where technology is used to ameliorate the lives of all people, rather than just a few. I believe that in facing the future, we must adapt to change, and find new solutions rather than denying reality by holding on to old ones.

Canada has the choice to be a true global climate leader, to update job sectors, migrate jobs to new fields, and create new jobs for everyone. I believe that Canada can have an incredible and stable future – but we must act now. Changing times call for urgent action, not complacency. The time of half-heartedly standing up for one’s constituents must end, and the fight for solutions that work for every single Canadian must begin. The fight for climate action needs to go beyond cutting emissions and increasing efficiency to adequately preparing our communities for actual shifts in climate, and the problems that are likely to arise from these changes.

Jobs and Technology

We must prepare for the coming automation of jobs in all sectors, which is being brought by advancements in artificial intelligence and other emerging tech. Solutions must be found that preserve our families, freedoms, and ways of life.

Education and Research

Fund research and education in all disciplines. Our society benefits from the support of the arts and the sciences, as well as everything in between. Fundamental research leads us to a brighter future. College and university tuition should be free.

Quality of Life

True equality means ending systemic discrimination on all fronts. Everyone deserves the same chance to live a fulfilling and enjoyable life the way they want to. This also means free education, and universal pharmacare and dental care.

Electoral Reform

We must update our electoral system to better serve everyone and let our voices be heard. It is time for proportional representation.

Decisive Climate Action

Canada should be a true climate leader. This means global stewardship, green innovation, community preparedness, practical preparation, and not buying pipelines.

Evidence Based Policy

Legislation and policy must be based in fact. We can find solutions by looking at the evidence and following examples set elsewhere, adapting them for our needs.

Constructive Governance

We need proactive governance that works effectively, positively, and with urgency, working together for the common good. It is time for a more interactive and accessible government.

Indigenous Rights

Implement the recommendations of the MMIWG2S report. Provide easily accessible clean water and health care, including mental health care, to all communities. We must de-colonize, and that begins with listening.


Access to health care means coverage of dental care, pharmacare, eye and hearing care for everyone. Mental health care must be accessible to all, and varied to help each individual as is best for them.